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Green & Glamorous

When you think about an eco-friendly / sustainable event, does it conjure an image of neutral coloured bamboo knives and forks, flimsy sugar cane plates and unbleached paper napkins? Oh so beige!
Well the great news is ... eco-friendly can still be glamorous! 
When you hire our vintage crockery, you are avoiding all the resource and energy-hungry requirements associated with producing, and the packaging and waste resulting from, single-use disposable servingware. It's now so easy to embrace the philosophy of 'reduce, reuse, recycle'.
By hiring our beautiful crockery and glassware, you continue the life of these items which have already been cared for by generations of people who loved them previously.
These days we realise that the sentiment of taking care of precious possessions, along with the old-fashioned  'make do and mend' approach, of generations before us, was much better for our planet.
I really love that my vintage tableware collections still have many more uses in them and will be able to bring beauty, glamour, sophistication and elegance to your events ... for years to come.
And if you have a few pieces of vintage crockery or glassware that still have some life in them yet, but they are taking up precious space in your cupboard, I am always happy to receive donations - or what I call 'adopting' - so that others can enjoy their beauty and to honour their treasured history.

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